Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shu Qi's spending

I still remember there's one post regarding Shu Qi about the way she spent. it's roughly like that..

The interviewer asked," I heard that when you go shopping , you can swipe 爆 card in very short time." Then the way she answered was" Well, actually I don't like / have much time to go around shopping and I don't go to particularly shop for something. While shopping, once I saw one thing, I will buy just like, don't have to take long time to decide." "Hoh, so that's how you can end up swipe 爆 card in one to two hours uh?" "Haha ya!"

Now....I am afraid that I have started to understand how this kind of scenario could happen. :) Of course I've never swipe 爆 card before and I won't spend until that extent too. The thing I would like to address here is - some people may shop for many little things using many many hours or days and yet the amount is small whereas some people may shop for a few things but BIG in spending! I guess I will gradually become the latter group. The most recent one which I could quote as an example is the Jurlique case.

I got no 'luxurious' time to go shopping.
I got no 'luxurious' time to go for movie. Based on the last 6 months record, I guess the frequency was once per 3-4 months. The most recent one was back in Oct 07.

BUT......there were a lot of movies I wanna watch. I FFK all.
There were a lot of stuffs that I wish to buy if I were given 'free & easy' time to shop slowly. I FFK all too.

*Deep thought.....*

CNY is getting near, an excuse to throw throw throw again! :) As the 'monkeys' are getting more naughtier and uncontrollable, we have almost emptied our living room. Another 'nightmare' struck and made me deciding in no time to dump all the NIIT books straightaway! (to find room for keeping the books in living room)

I have created a 'dumpsite' at house for whatever stuffs that can be collected by the paper recycling vendor since ~6 mths ago. The main source of this dumpsite was the 宣传单that were distributed to us everyday, into our mailbox! We used to throw away but then later on with the increasing amount of brochures that we received everyday, I realized that I mustn't do so(!) coz if one house unit is throwing away that much, the whole taman will be great damn lot! While the world is stressing on reducing paper usage, argh! we here are encouraging this pula! Gosh!

I have thrown another round of stuffs in these few days. I have brought/donated my stuffs to the 'opis kolig'. I have to keep as minimum stuff as possible at house due to the monkeys. Judging from now the throwing rate > buying rate, hehe, it's a good sign! :) I am pretty sure you can't imagine how I hurray(!) jumping high when seeing one pair of sandals cracking into two (at the base) the other night! *Haha, got solid reason to buy later mah!*