Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Shop

This Happy Shop (by Fortune Star Group ) has come to our area. By giving RM1 per day (per entry), you are entitled for different items F.O.C. after listening to their lively health talk and information sharing for ~1 hour in a relaxing atmosphere.

Nah, these are what you gonna get after attending for 1 wk - by 1 person alone.
My parents go together oh. :)

Tissue worths RM4.30 + basket RM?, neptune oil worths RM2.25 x 3 , floor cleaner worths RM22.00, white coffee worths RM8.90, dishwashing detergent ~RM10, 5x noodles worths RM6.50, 4x bee hoon worths ~RM10, 1x RELIEF 木酢贴 (not in the pic).

No wonder now everyday it's fullhouse! In the morning 8.00a.m. session alone it attracted easily 200 -250 persons.

They will station here for 4 months only.