Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Shop (part 4)

Week 4 :

Free items are:
1x handmade ramen
1x white cofee
1x 黑糖棒餅 Black Sugar Biscuits
1x anti-bacterial disinfectant hand gel
1x Gyno Tea (30 sachets) worths RM19.90

The above items are complimentary gifts for those who have collected enough 'chops' + ordered IP6 SOD enzyme (酵 素) . There are floor cleaner, car shampoo, fabric softener, 2x dish wash detergents and 2x备长炭.

It's just only one month and I've already started to have 'kedai runcit' feel. We have in fact started to give away some of them to uncles & aunties loh. :)