Saturday, August 23, 2008

Drama Queens we Are

Gang threw me a question why I got 'time' to blog, online-buying clothes & etc.

Ya lah, when you have no luxurious time to go ronda outside but stay only at home; got astro but no 'chance' to watch; then the only entertainment mah sii this loh. :)

I became a drama queen, thanks to the 'sharing' policy we established among the breakfast gang.

律政新人王II (20集) – watch 马国明. This is by far the only one they agreed is 'hansem' one among all the temporary idols I told them.

爸爸閉翳(25集) – cried a lot. Don’t lend me this type of drama next time lah pls.
師奶兵團 (21集) – I like the 師奶series. but the story at the last few episodes like beh hub eh hu ending one, sian hor?!

舞動全城(20集) – watch 廖碧兒. I still remember the most beh tong part was the pre-break up dancing part at a garden(?!) by 徐子珊&高鈞賢.

野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶(20集) - OK. like watching HK version of 'The Devils Wear Prada' nia. Anyway, 'jump jump jump' till no mood to watch.

歲月風雲 (60集) – they 3 brothers cannot die one woh. Toe liao the next minute stand up again.

鐵嘴銀牙 (20集) – No more such drama next time. Lao ia leh.

和味濃情(20集) – I wanna vomit looking at 陶大宇.

原來愛上賊 (20集) – I like watching 李思捷 who starred as 譚彬BT (Ben Tham), 電腦專家. They teased at my 'taste' again. :) Hey, come on, I look inside one, not outside one lah.

法政先锋1 (25集) - Due to wanna watch part 2 , so I did my homework by watching this first. Good leh.

法政先锋2 (30集) - watching through youtube, can’t wait mah.

Haken no hinkaku (ハケンの品格) 10 ep -派遣女王 , through youtube. Intro by Meow.

銀樓金粉 (21集) – cast got 伍衛國,hehe, OK to watch loh. Tease lah, nvm one lah. 'Uncle' level one got nan2 ren2 wei4 leh! :)

命中注定我愛你- watching through youtube. Watch because curious lah why it’s super red in Taiwan.