Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Shop (part 3)

Week 3 F.O.C items.
The free gifts for non-buyers have started to 'suk sui' a bit already.

Distributed by each day :
1x cooking oil+ 1x dish detergent,
1x omega eggs + 1x brown sugar,
1x Gardenia bread,
1x toilet paper + 1x tissue packets,
1x cooking oil

Items in 'red box' are additional free gifts if you buy their IP6 SOD enzyme (酵 素) last week. The coffee pack was given free if you buy the 'yellow box' product.

For the weekends, F.O.C items are: 1x car shampoo (worths ~RM20), 2x himalaya rock salt (worths ~RM7.50).

This week they are giving promotion for the IP6 SOD enzyme . Buy 3x get 1x free.